I am currently accepting commissions for art and design projects. I'm able to work long-distance for any type of project you see on this site and I gladly accept international clients. Most 2D projects can be sent as electronic files while a shipping & handling charge would be added for 3D projects.

U.S. customers can pay online using Paypal. This means you can pay via direct electronic transfer or credit card. Simply click on the button below and follow the instructions on Paypal's secure order site. Since any project may vary in price you will need to enter in the amount you have been billed.

(personal correspondence please use





Welcome to, the commercial portfolio site of Valerie Totire. Valerie Totire is a Cleveland-based illustrator who has been working professionally since the mid-1980's. Keywords: Valerie Totire, Val Totire, Totire, Alleycat Studio, illustration, cartoon illustration, cartooning, character design, concept and design, sculpture, greeting card illustration,, caricature, political caricature, sculpts, sculptures, toys, toy design, storyboarding, animal illustration, animals, cats, dogs