Outside of greeting cards I've also done occasional illustration work for other media such as newspapers, websites and children's books. I don't try to pigeonhole myself into one particular style, although I do have some favorites. I do enjoy exploring what sort of look might be suitable for communicating the idea and often discuss with the client what they'd like to see. I'm also willing to try new directions. I use a variety of mediums, including (but not limited to:) brush and ink, technical pen, ink and watercolor, colored pencil, gouache and electronic media such as Photoshop and vector-based programs.

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Welcome to, the commercial portfolio site of Valerie Totire. Valerie Totire is a Cleveland-based illustrator who has been working professionally since the mid-1980's. Keywords: Valerie Totire, Val Totire, Totire, Alleycat Studio, illustration, cartoon illustration, cartooning, character design, concept and design, sculpture, greeting card illustration,, caricature, political caricature, sculpts, sculptures, toys, toy design, storyboarding, animal illustration, animals, cats, dogs